Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Best Kind Of Guy Friend

by Nithu..!!!  |  in lifestyle at  1:36 AM

You know who the best kind of guy friend is?
You can admit to being madly in love with him and he'll look at you in the eye and tell you the truth if he is not. And after that, he won't stop taking your calls or meeting you.
If another guy breaks your heart, he won't mash him to pulp but would consider it if you asked him to. And he definitely won't bond with that guy no matter how many interests (and ex-girlfriends) they share!!!!
He can call you whiny, drippy, weedy, dependent, clingy and over-emotional but NEVER when you're actually crying.
He's willing to be your date when you're stuck or stood up but won't feel too bad if your boyfriend shows up again and you decide to go with him (again!).
He's quiet. Or talkative. Charming. Or devilish. Thoughtful. Or forgetful. But he doesn't change his treatment of you depending on the stage in your relationship.
He doesn't dangle girlfriends or admirers under your nose all the time.
He's a guy but he actually cares about what you feel. All in all, he treats you like a buddy but remembers you're a girl.
Now that's a guy really worth having as a friend. :)

By Ramya Pandyan  Tuesday 28 June 2011


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