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Rumors about the iPad 3 are already swirling, since it seems on track for an early 2012 release. I think we’ll see it arrive around the same time as last year’s iPad 2, so between February and March, complete with the Retina Display users have been looking for since the iPhone 4′s release.
What else will the iPad 3 offer? That’s a good question, and one that hasn’t really been addressed all that much in early reports. Its features will be dictated largely by what the market demands, which shouldn’t be much judging by the current tablet market picture. In 2011, Apple ruled the tablet market without a real competitor in sight. In 2012, it will have low-cost alternatives nipping at its heels, but it still isn’t looking at any competitors who are truly shaking up the space.
As a result, I’d expect to see an iPad 3 that resembles its predecessor in most regards, with the aforementioned improved screen, as well as a slimmer design and maybe a longer lasting battery. Apple has the right recipe for success in other regards, and the iPad 3 isn’t really crying out for camera improvements or additional wireless tech. Adoption of Bluetooth 4.0 is probably also on tap, as well as an upgraded A6 processor, but I wouldn’t expect much else.
Instead of making dramatic changes or additions to the iPad, expect Apple to offer a low-cost option in the form of the iPad 2, likely limited to either 8 or 16 GB of onboard storage. And as much as I and Kevin admire the smaller, 7-inch form factor, I think Apple might keep that one in reserve for at least another year.

Source: http://gigaom.com/apple/apples-2012-what-the-year-in-idevices-and-macs-will-look-like/


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