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5 ways to cut down on your travel budget

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Luxury flights can come with a number of benefits specially created by Qatar Airways with care for flyers’ budget. It can really make a difference to study the conditions and terms offered by Qatar Airways, voted Number 1 Airline of 2011. In addition to high class services, the company extends attractive offers which can enable savvy flyers to cut down on their travel budget. There are really enticing offers based on the accrual of Qmiles which come with a Qatar Airways Coupon Codes.

One offer of Qatar Airways is related to the benefits attached to online booking, called Bonus Qmiles – 2,000 bonus Qmiles are given as present for the first online booking, and each subsequent booking online adds 500 bonus Qmiles. Given that there are no limits to the number of bonus Qmiles people can earn, that is definitely an offer that promises great budget savings with a Qatar Airways Coupon code

For people that often have corporate travels but belong to businesses on smaller budgets, Qatar Airways show care and appreciation by offering corporate travel programs that enable them to significantly cut travel costs when booking with a Qatar Airways promo code. Corporate travel programs enable such businesses to use their Privilege Club membership Qmiles earned at their discretion.

The opportunities for making a difference to the personal budget are more comprehensive than anyone would imagine. In addition to the benefit of using discounts with a Qatar Airways coupon code, it is wonderful that people can earn Qmiles when flying with partner airlines, such as Ana Airlines and Asiana Airlines.

The Privilege Club membership promises further earning of Qmiles when people use a Qatar Airways coupon code. There are almost 130 countries where Privilege Club members can earn their further Qmiles when they rent cars in these countries. Each car rental brings another 500 Qmiles. What is more, partner car rental companies offer cutting edge vehicle models and enticing rental costs. Companies such as Budget Car Rental and Hertz Car Rental offer convenient vehicle booking online, and people only have to enter their Privilege Club Discount Program number.

Frequent flyers relying on Qatar Airways services can take care of their budget as they accrue Qmiles with the credit cards offered by the airlines’ credit card partners such as Qatar National Bank and Qatar Islamic Bank. The credit cards offered in conjunction with Qatar Airways enable travelers to accrue Qmiles with cobranded platinum and titanium credit cards, as well as earn discounts on holiday packages purchased with a Qatar Airways credit card at the airline company’s holiday shops, as well as a number of complimentary services such as access to airport lounges, travel insurance policy, and free extended warranty for up to three years.

Flying can be not just a pleasant experience, in comfort and care with the Number 1 Airline of 2011. It can also be a whole program of savings which offer a flexible scheme of cutting down on the travel budget with a Qatar Airways Promo Codes.


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