Friday, January 2, 2015

These Wild Animals Are Endangered Due to Heartless Poaching, Save Them!

by nithu sinha  |  in animals at  8:14 PM

Animals are beautiful living beings and deserve to be treated well. Their habitat needs to be preserved just like our homes and over the years poaching activities have increased to a dangerous extent.

Pathetically Peeled!

Left In The Pool Of Its Own Blood!

Cobra Disgustingly Destroyed!

Thick, Rosette-speckled Fur Peeled Off The Leapords!

The Meat Eaters!

Peacock Ridiculously Raped!Peacocks are poached mainly for feathers and meat.In 2013 it was reported that  hotels in Mysore were secretly serving peacock meat to selected customers.

Trapped and Tied!

Overly Exploited!


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