Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dream trip & tips

by Nithu..!!!  |  in travel at  6:27 AM

 Hitting the road has become pretty common for me lately. I'm spending some quality time with my family in a quite place at the moment after I just got from a 4-day trip/camp with my classmates. It was dreamy, we had so many adventures and parties (in the collage you can see a mirror photo taken before one-so unusual of me , but mom wanted to see the outfit), I slept 11 hours all together and I don't regret it! On the last night, we talked about some of our favourite places to visit and that was the first time I actually felt like I want to visit USA one day badly. Not just the iconic New York and Los Angeles, but also the glamorous and eccentric Las Vegas.

 As I am dreamer and I have noticed that you guys respond well to my mini guides when it comes to outfits to wear on certain occasions/ trends I figured I might as well envision the perfect trip to Las Vegas and the outfits appropriate for all the events! The first picture shows an elegant look for a visit to the casino because we all think casinos when we say 'Las Vegas'. What else is there to see? I started searching online and I found so many other things to do in Vegas that I concluded it is a trip worth taking once in a lifetime. Here's how I would dress for my favourite activities there:

Show/ Magic Show/ Concert - Vegas is well-known for the incredible shows that take place on a daily basis. There is a variety of shows and that's why I would go for something comfy (e.g. so I can dance if it's a concert) but also outrageous&courageous ! This Michael Kors tee paired with the purple Jimmy Choo sandals is the perfect combination.

Shopping- As cliché as it might sound, Las Vegas is one of the big cities where all the high end brands have grand boutiques. Why would I still spend a lot of time in the shops even on this terms? First of all, because big brands stock their stores depending on the country, the tourists and the asking, therefore you can imagine how many cool things they have there. Secondly, let's not forget I'm a shopaholic! Even if I'm in a little village you'll find me in the local shops. 



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