Friday, December 2, 2011

Young Boy Transformed by English Lessons at American Corner

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Qurghon-Teppa, Tajikistan- A fifth grade student, Safarov Parviz, wasn’t an obedient child in his family. At school, his studying and behavior weren’t exemplary; because of his laziness he didn’t do his homework and always fought with other boys from the class. Parviz had been spending most of his free time in the streets. His mother, Mosafar, didn’t know what to do or how to make her son study, but American Corner changed this kid in a positive way. In February 2011, American Corner Qurghon-Teppa had an event during the Children’s Authors and Illustrators Week. All the kids from 5-6th grades were invited to read an English book with a teacher from Sarband, Zebo Murodova. Safar’s friend Komron invited him to the event. Safar didn’t want to go because he didn’t know English.
However, after the event, Parviz started attending classes at the American Corner almost every day. He made many new friends, improved his English, and got involved in different activities which he hadn’t done before. His mother didn’t know that her son was attending American Corner and studying English by his will. When she found out she was very surprised and couldn’t believe it. Every holiday Parviz has been making crafts for his mother. He hasn’t been rude to his parents anymore, and he has learned a lot about US culture and celebrated American holidays with other kids.
At school Parviz began to study English and has been getting good grades. His parents were astonished and thankful to American Corner for helping their son to change in a better way.

Parviz Safarov and an English teacher Zebo Murodova          


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