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How to: Ginger & Smart’s shaggy-chic hairstyle

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One would think that achieving a tousled hair look is a no-brainer. It’s that just-got-out-of-bed look that every woman wants to have but can rarely achieve because it just doesn’t happen without the right product and technique. The perfect example is this shaggy-chic hairstyle from Ginger & Smart’s Australian fashion week show. This ideal 2013 hairstyle by Redken’s creative consultant, Richard Kavanagh, accentuates the cool and feminine feel of the whole collection. He also said that “it exists in that place where the masculine meets the feminine; combining softness and high quality with strength and a sense of self.”
This deeply side parted hairstyle would be the perfect look during the spring because of its effortless and tousled style. If you want to learn about how you can achieve this hairstyle for yourself, the steps are after the break.
shaggy chic hairstyle

How to: shaggy-chic hairstyle

The first thing to do is to prep your hair with Redken’s Diamond Oil Shatterproof shine oil to give the hair very natural movement and high shine.
After prepping, apply a root lifting spray and a volume spray from the roots to the tips. The important part you need to pay attention to is the front of the head. Brush through from the roots to lengths to give it texture and hold. Blow dry it using fingers until it is completely dry.
Create a low side part on the left of the crown, sweeping hair diagonally across the face.
shaggy chic hair
For the tousled and slightly wavy look, use a curling iron and create a subtle bend through the mid lengths and ends of the hair.
Tuck your hair behind your ear on the side of the part and with your fingers, tousle your hair to create a soft wave.
shaggy chic hair
For more shine and hold, finish the look with a extra high hold hairspray such as Redken’s Control Addict 28.
For more variations on effortlessly tousled locks, check out this post on how to create bed hair.


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